The Fund to Build Grassroots Power

Seeking to empower grassroots environmental and climate justice groups to advance the needs of their communities.


Grassroots organizations are critical to building powerful environmental and climate justice movements. The Fund to Build Grassroots Power (the Fund) grants to organizations working to advance environmental and climate justice within the United States.

The Fund was established by The JPB Foundation, based in New York City. JPB aims to help accelerate a just transition by strengthening, growing, and supporting four national networks that influence national action while providing critical infrastructure to grassroots organizations— Climate Justice Alliance, Partnership for Working Families, People’s Action, and the Environmental Justice Forum (coordinated by WE ACT for Environmental Justice). These networks play a critical role in strengthening and connecting grassroots organizations to advance the environmental and climate justice movements. The Fund makes grants available to the members and affiliates of these networks who work in their communities to advance solutions to pressing environmental challenges, aiming to grow and strengthen the organizational capacity and power of those organizations.

As a participatory fund guided by insights from representatives from the national networks mentioned above, the Fund targets its grants toward community-based organizations working to achieve meaningful impact in their communities. In addition to grantmaking, the Fund is invested in strengthening connections across grassroots funders and non-endowed funds supporting frontline communities and increasing their effectiveness through deeper coordination.

First Call for Proposals (closed May 2019)

The Fund is appreciative to all of our applicants. Through their feedback on the application process and through their proposals, they have taught us a lot about the capacity needs in the field, which will inform how we structure future grant cycles. The Fund received a tremendous volume of applications, which demonstrates the deep need the field has for this type of flexible, capacity building support. This also made it very difficult to select grant recipients. In honor of our commitment to transparency, we share this high-level summary of the requests we received and some context below on how the Fund prioritized grant decisions.

Grant Decision-making Process and Results:

Prior to receiving the applications, we did not know the scale or details of the requests we would receive, so in reviewing we had to strategically prioritize where to put limited resources. In addition to the high-level priorities listed below, the Advisory Board prioritized grants based on:

Fund Awardees

Organization Grant Amount COVID-19 Grant
About Face: Veterans Against the War $50,000
Alaska Community Action on Toxics $100,000
ALIGN: Alliance for a Greater New York $75,000 $10,000
Alternatives for Community and Environment $60,000 $20,000
Another Gulf is Possible $10,000
Arkansas Public Policy Panel $5,000
Asian Pacific Environmental Network $80,000 $5,000
Black Dirt Farm Collective $25,000 $10,000
Black Workers for Justice $50,000
Central Coast Alliance United for a Sustainable Economy (CAUSE) $50,000 $15,000
Center for Earth, Energy and Democracy $70,000
Center for Story-based Strategy $10,000
Center on Policy Initiatives $75,000
Center on Race, Poverty & the Environment $80,000
Citizen Action of Wisconsin Education Fund $75,000 $10,000
Colorado People’s Alliance $85,000
Communities for a Better Environment $70,000 $10,000
Communities United For Action $60,000 $10,000
Community In-Power and Development Association $80,000
Community Labor United $57,500
Community to Community Development $50,000 $10,000
Community Voices Heard $75,000 $5,000
Connecticut Citizen Research Group $65,000
Connecticut Coalition for Environmental Justice $70,000
Cooperation Jackson $40,000 $15,000
Deep South Center for Environmental Justice $21,000
Detroit Black Community Food Security Network $10,000
Duwamish River Cleanup Coalition Technical Advisory Group $70,000
East Bay Alliance for a Sustainable Economy (EBASE) $15,000
East Michigan Environmental Action Council $30,000
East Yard Communities for Environmental Justice $30,000
Energy Justice Network $5,000
Environmental Transformation Movement of Flint $10,000
Farmworker Association of Florida $50,000 $10,000
Firelands Together $70,000
Flint Rising $10,000
Georgia STAND-UP $75,000 $10,000
Got Green $80,000 $5,000
Grassroots Collaborative $55,000
Green Door Initiative, Inc. $21,000
GreenRoots, Inc. $60,000 $10,000
Gulf Coast Center for Law and Policy $20,000
Harambee House/Citizens for Environmental Justice $85,000
Highlander Research and Education Center $35,000
Hometown Action $50,000
Hoosier Action $10,000
Illinois People’s Action $44,000
Indigenous Environmental Network $30,000 $15,000
Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement $80,000
Ironbound Community Corporation $50,000 $5,000
Jane Addams Senior Caucus $15,000
Jesus People Against Pollution $50,000
Just Transition Alliance $75,000
Kentucky Coalition/Kentuckians for the Commonwealth $87,500
Kentucky Student Environmental Coalition $30,000 $5,000
Kheprw Institute $50,000 $5,000
Kingdom Living Temple $10,000
Land Loss Prevention Project $21,000
Little Village Environmental Justice Organization $75,000 $10,000
Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy $50,000
Los Jardines Institute $54,000
Maine People’s Resource Center $100,000
Miami Workers Center $40,000
Michigan Environmental Justice Coalition $30,000 $20,000
Michigan United $85,000
Missouri Jobs with Justice $10,000
Native Organizers Alliance $40,000
Neighbor to Neighbor Massachusetts $50,000 $10,000
New Hampshire Youth Movement $5,000
New Jersey Environmental Justice Alliance $80,000
New Jersey Resource Project $60,000 $10,000
New York City Environmental Justice Alliance   $10,000
North Carolina Climate Justice Collective   $10,000
North Carolina Environmental Justice Network   $10,000
North Shore Waterfront Conservancy   $2,000
Northwest Bronx Community & Clergy Coalition   $5,000
Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition $100,000
One Voice $97,500
Organizing People/ Activating Leaders (OPAL) $80,000 $5,000
Organizing Neighborhoods for Equality (ONE) Northside   $10,000
Pennsylvania Stands Up   $5,000
People for Community Recovery   $10,000
People Organized for Westside Renewal (POWER) $50,000 $10,000
People United for Sustainable Housing (PUSH) Buffalo $15,000
Pittsburgh United $80,000
Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada $50,000
PODER (People Organized in Defense of Earth & her Resources) $25,000
PODER SF (People Organizing to Demand Environmental & Economic Rights) $26,000 $20,000
POWER: An Interfaith Movement $110,000
Progressive Maryland Education Fund $70,000
Public Policy and Education Fund of New York $60,000
Puget Sound Sage $75,000
Rich City Rides $10,000
Rights & Democracy Education Fund $60,000 $5,000
River Valley Organizing (Ohio) $5,000
Ruckus Society $30,000
Rural Advancement Foundation International – USA $60,000
San Francisco Rising $5,000
Soil Generation $30,000 $10,000
Soulardarity $40,000
Southern Maine Workers’ Center $10,000
SouthWest Organizing Project $70,000
Southwest Workers Union – Centro por la Justicia $30,000 $10,000
Stand Up Nashville $75,000 $25,000
TakeAction Minnesota $75,000
Texas Environmental Justice Advocacy Services $100,000
The Alliance for Appalachia $50,000
The FANG Collective $75,000 $5,000
The New Florida Majority-Education Fund $50,000 $20,000
The People’s Lobby Education Institute $70,000
The Tallahassee Food Network, Inc. $10,000
U.S. Food Sovereignty Alliance $30,000
United for a New Economy   $10,000
United Vision for Idaho   $10,000
UPROSE   $30,000
Urban Tilth $30,000 $15,000
Virginia Environmental Justice Coalition   $5,000
Voices of Community Advocates and Leaders (VOCAL-NY)   $15,000
Warehouse Worker Resource Center $75,000 $15,000
Washington Community Action Network Education and Research Fund   $5,000
We Are Down Home   $10,000
West Atlanta Watershed Alliance   $10,000
West End Revitalization Association   $10,000
Wisconsin Green Muslims   $10,000
Working Partnerships USA $50,000
West Virginia Citizen Action Education Fund $75,000



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Who the Fund Supports

The Fund is open to all network members and affiliates of Climate Justice Alliance, Partnership for Working Families, People’s Action, and EJ Forum.

The Fund’s grantees:

What the Fund Supports

The Fund provides capacity building grants to support the needs organizations articulate for themselves, whether those are for enhancing the quality of their work, the financial stability of their organization, or to grow the organization.

The Fund does not support work conducted outside the continental boundaries of the United States and does not fund lobbying.



The JPB Foundation’s environment program and Arabella Advisors have been working together since 2017 to look at how funders can most effectively get resources to the grassroots to advance the environmental justice movements. This research demonstrated that infrastructure for supporting the movements is under-resourced, spread thinly, and disconnected, and that, at times, funders’ priorities are at odds with those of the communities they fund who mobilize not just on climate and energy issues, but at the intersections of environmental issues and social and racial justice. The insights gained through this work led JPB to make a commitment to amplify its funding to organizations of networked members operating across the US. JPB established the Fund, housed at the Windward Fund for its flexible and nimble grantmaking operations, as a platform for making responsive grants to the grassroots members of these networks; Arabella worked with JPB and representatives of the four national networks to design and now implement the Fund together.


The Fund is committed to supporting the grassroots members and affiliates of four organizations to strengthen their capacity and advance the environmental movement. To that end, the Fund has committed to the following core values to guide its work:

Inclusivity: We seek to shift power away from the funder and closer to communities working on solutions to environmental and climate justice challenges. To do so, we engage representatives of grassroots networks who sit on our Advisory Board to lead in determining the fund’s priorities, identifying grantees, and directing resources.

Responsiveness: Grantees may use our resources flexibly to address their true needs, and we manage an efficient grant-making process so that communities can access resources in a timely manner to address pressing challenges and opportunities.

Efficiency: We try to minimize the burden the applicant organizations face during the application and reporting processes so community members can spend less time trying to access funding and more time on their important work. We also try to balance the time our Advisory Board members spend guiding the fund’s strategy and decision making with the need for authentic input from field leaders.

Transparency: We seek to be accountable to the communities we serve and solicit frequent input on how our operations affect those communities. We take time to reflect and adapt so that we are truly being led by those communities.



The JPB Foundation
The mission of JPB is to advance opportunity in the United States through transformational initiatives that empower those living in poverty, enrich and sustain our environment, and enable pioneering medical research.

The Fund to Build Grassroots Power Advisory Board
Each network represented on the Advisory Board is advancing environmental justice to help ensure a just transition to a regenerative economy, and the Fund has been designed to strengthen these networks and their members. These advisors provided input into designing the Fund’s grant-making strategy and process, and they provide insights to inform funding decisions based on the transparent criteria provided in the RFP and application questions. The Advisory Board includes:

Fund to Build Grassroots Power Steering Committee
Our Steering Committee guides the Fund’s overall grant-making strategy and process and recommends grant awards to the Fund’s fiscal sponsor, Windward Fund. The Steering Committee includes:

Windward Fund
The Windward Fund seeks to build a more impactful environmental movement by connecting people across diverse geographies, sectors, and communities, enabling them to share expertise and resources, and providing a vehicle for effective, community-based, grassroots grant making that elevates the voices of those most impacted by environmental degradation. As a 501(c)(3) public charity, Windward incubates and hosts initiatives which pursue bold solutions to environmental challenges from a range of angles. Windward’s platform allows donors to convene and collaborate on these issues, leveraging the work of other interrelated projects housed at the fund to strengthen their efforts and advance the field. Windward provides strategic support, guidance on best practices, expertise on operational efficiencies, and specialized compliance knowledge to hosted projects. Windward is managed under an administrative agreement by Arabella Advisors.

Arabella Advisors
Arabella helps foundations, philanthropists, and investors who are serious about impact achieve the greatest good with their resources. Arabella helps its clients understand complex problems, develop and implement innovative solutions, and achieve social and environmental impact at scale. Critical to Arabella’s mission is fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion in the field and internally within the firm. Arabella’s culture of listening and radical empathy connects Arabellans and rewards challenging the status quo. Arabella does this in service of each other, its clients and communities.