Chuck Savitt



Chuck Savitt is the founder and senior counselor of Island Press, where he was president and CEO until May 2016. Island Press is a leading nonprofit media company that publishes peer-reviewed books, web-based content, and short form literature. Chuck’s work at Island Press focused on a wide range of issues, including sustainability, urban transformation, biodiversity protection, climate, and food systems.

Chuck founded Island Press to accelerate the capacity of organizations and individuals working on these issues to think and work across traditional academic and professional disciplines. During his time there, Island Press published more than 1,000 titles by leading scientists, including Edward O. Wilson, Gretchen Dailey, Paul Ehrich, and Jane Lubcheco, as well as policy and thought leaders such as Bruce Babbitt, Gabe Klein, and Jan Ghel. With each of these authors’ work, Island Press helped to introduce new ideas that changed their fields.

Chuck brings to the Windward board a passion for and long-time commitment to healthy food systems, biodiversity protection, urban resilience, equity, and climate change. In addition to his duties as treasurer, Chuck draws on his strategic communication skills to spread the word about Windward’s work and support a body of progressive philanthropy.