About Us

The Windward Fund was founded in response to donors who expressed a desire to be more connected to their peers’ work, and to partner with experts in conservation nonprofit management to execute bold initiatives.

The Windward Fund provides a platform for donors committed to building a stronger conservation movement to learn from each other, forge relationships with peers and experts, and collaborate efficiently to make the most of their resources. Windward is managed by staff with deep experience in conservation, climate change, and food systems policy, advocacy, and programs both domestically and abroad. Its staff have a wide network of relationships among conservation donors and nonprofits, and can facilitate convenings to connect like-minded practitioners and help them better work toward our shared goals of protecting our planet and its inhabitants.

Windward is overseen by an independent board of directors that has extensive experience in philanthropy, nonprofit management, and environmental issues.

Windward Team

The Windward Fund board has hired Arabella Advisors, a leading philanthropy services firm, to manage its project hosting and fiscal sponsorship services. Windward is managed by specialists in conservation, food systems, climate, and other environmental issues who also bring expertise in philanthropy and grant-making systems and processes. Windward provides strategic support, guidance on best practices, expertise on operational efficiencies, and specialized compliance knowledge to hosted projects.

  • Alex Matias

    Alex Matias


    Alex provides high-level oversight and management of the Windward Fund’s central operations, including governance, communications, development, and finance, in collaboration with the fund’s board of directors. He also supports donors in implementing grant-making funds, establishing donor collaboratives, and incubating projects. Alex brings a background in nonprofit operations and organizational development, as well as experience working with under-served communities impacted by environmental challenges and lacking participatory decision-making opportunities.

  • Liz Birnbaum

    Liz Birnbaum

    General Counsel

    Liz manages Windward’s legal affairs, and has over 30 years of experience in a broad cross-section of non-profit governance and environmental law. She has served as the vice president of a national environmental organization, staff director of a congressional committee and director of a bureau of the U.S. Department of the Interior. Liz graduated magna cum laude from Brown University and has a JD from Harvard Law School. She is a member of the Colorado and District of Columbia bars, as well as several federal courts.

  • Jessica Robinson Love

    Jessica Robinson Love

    Associate Managing Director

    Jessica helps donors and social entrepreneurs turn their philanthropic visions into reality by implementing innovative donor collaboratives, campaigns, and grant-making initiatives. As a social entrepreneur and consultant, she has developed extensive expertise in the strategy and practice of fiscal sponsorship. Jessica holds a BA in the humanities from the New College of California.

  • Sarah Sullivan Stremlau

    Sarah Sullivan Stremlau

    Associate Managing Director

    Sarah co-leads the work of Arabella Advisors’ Managed Organizations team, which oversees several nonprofits, including the Windward Fund. She helps donors and social entrepreneurs turn their philanthropic visions into reality by incubating nonprofits and implementing innovative donor collaboratives, advocacy campaigns, and grant-making initiatives. Sarah holds a BA and an MA in sociology from Stanford University and an MBA from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business.

  • Jenny Wittner

    Jenny Wittner

    Associate Managing Director

    Jenny co-leads the Managed Organizations team, which manages several nonprofits, including the Windward Fund. She helps donors and entrepreneurs turn their philanthropic vision into reality by  incubating nonprofits and implementing donor collaboratives, advocacy campaigns, and grant-making initiatives. Jenny holds a BA in social studies from Harvard College and an MA in linguistics and ESL teaching from Northeastern Illinois University.

  • Lee Bodner

    Lee Bodner


    Lee is the president of the New Venture Fund (NVF), and brings more than 20 years of experience incubating and launching innovative partnerships with the public, private, and nonprofit sectors related to climate and conservation. He previously served as a managing director at Arabella Advisors, leading its engagement with NVF and many national nonprofit organizations that Arabella has managed. Lee has a BA from Wesleyan University and an MBA from Georgetown University.

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  • Harry Drucker

    Harry Drucker


    Harry is managing partner of North Shore Realty Partners, a diversified real estate investment platform for family offices. A lifelong advocate for the preservation of land and sensible environmental policy, Harry has served as founder and trustee of numerous environmental nonprofits. Harry has a BA, summa cum laude, from Middlebury College and an MBA in finance from the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business.

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  • Chuck Savitt

    Chuck Savitt


    Chuck is the founder and senior counselor of Island Press, a leading nonprofit media company, where he was president and CEO until May 2016. Chuck’s work at Island Press focused on a wide range of issues, including sustainability, urban transformation, biodiversity protection, climate, and food systems. In addition to his duties as treasurer, Chuck draws on his strategic communication skills to spread the word about Windward’s work and support a body of progressive philanthropy.

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  • Bill Gallegos

    Bill Gallegos


    Bill Gallegos is a long-time activist in the Chicano Liberation and environmental justice movements, having worked as a labor, community, and campus organizer. He is originally from Colorado and began his activism with the Crusade for Justice. Bill is the author of “Reflections on the Green Economy”, “Ethnic Cleansing:  A Program of Resistance” and “Victories & Momentum on the Frontlines: The Chevron Refinery Campaign.”

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  • Kristen Grimm

    Kristen Grimm


    Kristen Grimm is the founder and president of Spitfire Strategies. She has extensive experience conceiving, implementing, and managing smart strategies that create lasting social change. Kristen has helped hundreds of nonprofits and foundations around the world develop winning communication and campaign strategies to spur action on some of today’s most pressing problems. She has reformed, reframed, and reimagined critical issues ranging from reproductive health, human rights, education, and environmental issues, including climate change.

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  • Jumana Vasi

    Jumana Vasi


    Jumana Vasi helps nonprofits design and implement programs and strategies to take advantage of, and respond to, current political, social, and economic realities. She has worked on projects for the National Audubon Society, Luminare Group, River Network, and two environmental justice networks (Building Equity and Alignment for Impact and Midwest Environmental Justice Network).  Jumana also currently serves on the boards of the Americana Foundation, Environmental Grantmakers Association, and River Network.

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  • Bruce Boyd

    Bruce Boyd


    Bruce joined Arabella Advisors as a principal and senior managing director after spending 20 years building and leading for-profit and nonprofit ventures, many in conservation. He served for 13 years as a senior manager at The Nature Conservancy, where he led the Illinois Program, the Upper Mississippi River Project, and the four-continent Great Rivers Partnership. Bruce serves on the boards of the Environmental Grantmakers Association, the Morrison Family Foundation, Donors Forum of Illinois, and his own family’s foundation.

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