About Us

The Windward Fund was founded in response to donors who expressed a desire to be more connected to their peers’ work, and to partner with experts in conservation nonprofit management to execute bold initiatives.

The Windward Fund provides a platform for donors committed to building a stronger conservation movement to learn from each other, forge relationships with peers and experts, and collaborate efficiently to make the most of their resources. Windward is managed by staff with deep experience in conservation, climate change, and food systems policy, advocacy, and programs both domestically and abroad. Its staff have a wide network of relationships among conservation donors and nonprofits, and can facilitate convenings to connect like-minded practitioners and help them better work toward our shared goals of protecting our planet and its inhabitants.

Windward is overseen by an independent board of directors that has extensive experience in philanthropy, nonprofit management, and environmental issues.

Please click here to access the Windward Fund’s 2019 Form 990.